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"michelle and I had a night with pr william in a hotel near Pauls milk factory and someone was murdered there that night, I swear. he never told us who he was but I met him a number of times and a few other royals. I knew the people who owned pauls milk as well as peters ice-cream etc cuz my grandfather had a lot of cattle and the flower farms back in 1940s-1998. Bill always had a saying "oh momma look at dickie" you remember dickies towels etc. uncle dickie of the royals, I am sure if icke is a monachy boy its because he was one of uncle dickies little boys. cuz I have done the research myself and the connections to the russian royals and german and austrian royals. my parents are also realated to some royals. princess pauline and others. ; I have met hans- wrote to him myself my mother was a telephonist operator listening on calls for years. "

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