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"I don't recall signing up for the ken rape or people stealing my creative writing and living it out in some weirdo psychodrama. I never asked for that. I feel raped by not just ken but by russel, by who stole my writing, by royals, by people who thought it would funny to live out my abstract creative plots of books etc. no writer no artist should have to put up with this. no indiviual should have to put up with their diary or journaling used against them. I never asked for people to live out things I worte. I can't imagine how someone could be so evil. but I do know bugsy and the royals and some relatives are that evil. they did awful things to me as a child I never asked for. they are the criminals here. they are the terrorists. I feel angry hurt, abused that someone would steal my writing and use it as theirs and make money out of it and abuse me in the process trying to kill me over and over since I was a child and accuse me of being this evil bad person, why joyce poorter insists I have to be a violent woman and wife I dont understand her therapy. it has me baffled how anyone could think this is alright to do to someone when its so immoral. I can only pray that the person who did this one day will own up and be accountable for their wrongs against me and humanity. they made money out of their crimianl acts which is illegal and evil. and to accuse me of killing people is evil that is a very evi thng to do prince william very evil of you to abuse me like that. your mother and the queen were as bad at abuse as well. what dam right do you have to torture and abuse someone like that! your dirty abusive evil people. your no help. ricky martin was no help taxiride were no help. ken and rsl were no help. that is not help. that is abuse. "

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