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"Anyone else feel extremely emotionally drained after leaving the house 2 or more days in a row? i have social anxiety and depression and i pretend that i don't because i'm addicted to hiding behind a snarky, witty personality which cause people to flock to me but i know i have to keep it up because if i don't my younger brothers will have an even worse role model, and because i get pretty good grades and have an average life people will get surprised if they find out i'm an emotional wreck because i act so cold all the time. i binge eat but nobody knows because i'm average weight and have a fast metabolism but i know that if i didn't i would look like a mountain and now i have to leave the house today i just know i'm gonna feel shitty for the rest of the week. i have trouble sleeping and i'm addicted to the internet because it makes me forget that i have emotions and i'm so confused all the time and i hate myself."


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