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"Me and my boyfriend has been together for over 2 years. I want to get married but, he doesn't feel ready and I know why. Its because hias ex-wife fucked him over so bad he's too scared to do it again. The fucking whore nearly destroyed him. She cheated on him, she made him by her shit they couldn't afford, always screaming at him to the point of even the dogs are still damaged from it. She actually use to throw shit and hit him and being the real man he is, he never raised a hand to her. She forced him to never speak to his family (even thou they live next door) she would even stand in the doorway and watch him walk home to make sure he didn't. She caused drama ALL THE TIME! She even caused a married couple to get divorced because she made fake accounts and told the wife her husband was trying to have sex with her. She lied to a church about having cancer, tumor, even a miscarriage. The fucking whore feeds on drama and so does her even more fat sister. They've both together made fake bruises and told people that he done it, she'd tell people that he threaten her, beat her, and would never let her do anything. However, their house stayed trashed, she never cooked or do anything a real wife should do. She once called her mom to come over to their house and when she got there she asked her to get her a soda out of the fridge. The fucking thing is only 1 foot away from where she was sitting. Not to mention all the neasty shit her and her sister done. They had sex parties in the back of the truck that my man bought, her and her sister had a 3way with she sisters ex, she went down on a 14 yeah old girl, she also got that same girl drunk and let her sisters ex have sex with her unconsciouse body. She neved came forward and went to court because they beat on her and threaten to shoot her. She also tried to make the now ex husband have sex with her cousin and when he refused she told him her family would tell the cops they saw him do it and that her cousin would even back of up. However, her cousin was not like her and told the truth. That she tried to pay her to have sex with him and she yelled at her for not doing it and tried to hit her. This never went to court. She also lied on taxes claiming people were living with her that wasn't. God only knows the other sexual things she has done. The last straw for her now ex husband was after she wrecked the truck trying to beat him home before she realized she was gone. He went to the hospital and her lover was sitting there wither her not only that but they were sneaking and doing drugs while in the hospital. He went straight home right then and there and threw her stuff out the door. A few months later we met and started going out. After a while I moved in with him and she tried to start drama on me until I got I into the whores face and beat her on her moms porch with a broom handle. When the sister tried to stepped I smacked her in the face so hard it broke bones in her face. Even after I beat that ass she's tried to cause trouble. She took us to court saying that her ex was stalking her, she talked shit about his dad and even threaten to hurt his 3year old niece. My secret is I've been trying to hack her fb account every since I met the two faced slut! I just can't! If I do, I'm getting on there and EVERYTHING SHE LIED ABOUT I'm going to take a screen shot of it and POST IT ON HER PAGE UNDER "CONFESSIONS" AND WATCH HER WORLD GET DESTROYED LIKE SHE DID HIS FOR YEARS!! Its time that this no good for nothing monster gets what she needs! After her confession is posted everyone will see what she reaaly is and sje will truly be alone like she claims she is. Its time her to confess what she has done and be handed over to justice. I want revenge so bad it almost hurts but, more importantly I want justice for his family, the young girl who she, her sister, and her sisters ex attacked, and to anyone else she has destroyed. I cant take ot court because no one will step foward and shes out there destroying more peoples lives. If anyone knows how to hack a social media account. PLEASE HELP ME BRING THIS MONSTER TO THE LIGHT! THANK YOU"

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