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"Nobody but an idiot gets married to someone four months after they know them. But i drove by her parents' house again tonight, as I've done many nights since we broke up, and i see "JUST MARRIED" on the back of her truck. So angry. But she is living in her parents' basement at age 27, she is a former hard-core lesbian/crackhead who found Jesus and reclaimed her so-called virginity, she has an anger management problem, she virtually never reads anything and therefore doesn't know anything, she drinks too goddamned much, she has maybe a size 30A bust size - it was like sleeping with someone with buttons on their sternum - but lovely, shapely ass, I must say. I loved holding her, i loved looking in her eyes, i loved that she loved me. I really loved this woman, she was like a little broken baby in my arms, I felt so attractive with her, I opened my heart to her. But I cannot be with anyone right now for a variety of reasons, long term, that is, and that's the way it is. She finally got angry with me - we'd been seeing each other a whole six weeks -and then she took off, and i let her. I missed her every day, and she texted me that she missed me, she missed me, she couldn't stop thinking about me. Now she has gone and gotten married. She is a fucking moron and I hope he fucking cheats on her, if it's even a he, it might be a she. She comes from a shit family of addicts and alcoholics g from the south, where the stupidest people in the USA live, too, and her brother died of a fucking methadone overdose 4 years ago. Loser. "

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