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"dr emma indian doctor and this black woman were all attacking me and some german woman/man thing was sayng that I had low intelligence and if I failed university it wouldn't be because I was emotionally hurt from the rape or stroke from the rape but because I was spastic and low iq - this I found offensive and rude , then they started verbal attacks at me in front of my mother or when I was alone with them at the local hospital was very abusive to me, she was verbally attacking me and being rude and agressive and my mum could see she was upsetting me the way she was attacking me and answering with rude arrogant statements that didn't make sense as if I had no right to ask for hospital help with an mastoid infection. she was very viscious and rude towards me and I have no idea why, the woman was nuts. she didn't come across professional nor did the other stuff their they were acting stupid saying stupid abusive things to me. there is no need to be so rude to a complete stranger and a patient requesting help politely! "

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