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"rick scowski had some kind of personal vendetta towards me over werner which is crazy I am not related to the guy and I am not responsible for what he did in 1940s during ww2. I wasnt born then. that is how nuts this guy is. he takes out hate on anyone he sees as some jew persicuiter, I had nothing to do with this you fucking freak moron idiot. your the most mental case guy I have ever met. you bash and kick women for no reason you take out imagined things on innocent people as if a woman who was not born then could have any thing to do with nazi war crimes you stupid fucking idiot. go home to usa and take your shit out on the people who abused you, this is something I really wish more australians would stop allowing jerks abusing australian women. who the hell are you to attack people over something that you were not there, you only hear information that is pure hearsay and make judgements and set exicutions rick, you are in need of mental health care your violent, you kicked me and abused me phyiscally and your crazy. you are a user! "

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