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"I want to marry and have children, its always been important to me since I was a teenager, I wanted a baby when I was 14 but I knew I had to wait because I didn't want to let down my family but I really wanted to be married in my 20s and I feel resentful, I have deep resentment over not being married and no child. people say I shouldn't care but there the first to demand it for themselves and abuse other women to get that selfishly without feeling guilt for abusing others for the men they don't deserve. there the first to see themselves differently as if "oh well you shouldn't worry about marriage and kids but I really need it more and couldn't imagine being like you because I am so selfish" but they hide it. I hate those sort of people. who are they to tell me what is a normal human feeling, my doctor has said its normal to want marriage and children and I have every right to want it and have it. tell people who say opposite to shove off they don't have the right to control your life!"

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