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"more insultingly however ricky martin and prince william had the audacity to come to my baby shows without saying who they were and folding and oogling at children which was rude and dirty van eede turned up looking as stupid as ever from the 1980s like it had found a wormhole to fall out of, it was insulting. the whole rsl thing was an insult to me and my family. rickey and willaim to make a fool out of me and my family and I didn't find that funny at all. it showed their bad manners. but diana and william and briggette and louise were always good at rude manners. we didn't appreciate that and took offence to it. because all the reg and sherl does it shit on me when she is a fat old slut who needs a good bash and kick up her face and bum and I have found her to be a very rude woman she was next door calling herself grandma and my sister would not even look at her , she literally spooked out my sister and my sister will not look at her. my sister rose said we are a family who do not forgive. rose says her and her Filipino husband are not forgivers in anyway, and sometimes are like the garls Gaelic and acient ruins of filipenland . etc"

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